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set in february, 2259

into darkness has begun!


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 KORVALI , ZIVATA DULIMA, chloe bennet, lee
soon to be first year cadet
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AGE: 28
seamstress - loyal to alesia
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chloe bennet
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I messed up tonight I lost another fight
I still mess up but I'll just start again

My name is Zivata Dulima Korvali. First name is Ziv-AH-ta. It means "precious life" in Trevan. Dulima is a variation of Dulma, the Trevi goddess of fire and life. As you can see, my parents had a thing for "life" names. Perhaps because life on Trevia was not the most hopeful or safe.

I was born in....I believe in your terms the year 2236. Not sure what month it falls into on your calendar, but on Trevia I was born near the harvest. Still working to understand star dates and such. Anyway.

Atima, at least by the time I was ten, was not a good king. Perhaps he had been at one time, at least according to some, but by the time I was old enough to understand what was happening, any good intentions he once had were gone.

Ten-year-old Zivata walked through the streets of Katirim with her mother, holding onto her mother's hand as to not get caught in the crowd of people. Her mother, a seamstress, had to pick up supplies from the docks that had just come in from Bastia. Her father, a scholar, had remained at home reading some texts that had he had gotten the month before, texts that her parents had made her swear not to mention to anyone.

Suddenly someone nearby is screaming and her mother's grip tightens. She pulls Zivata along behind her until they are on the side of the street and then wraps her arms around her daughter.

"NO! Please! Please, don't!"

"You have been found to be in possession of goods from Malmata that are not part of the trade agreement. You have been found guilty and the sentence is death."

The crowd moves to the sides of the street, clearing a path. Through a gap between people, Zivata can see what is happening. A group of guards walk by, dragging behind them a young woman in chains. She stumbles to the ground, but the guards keep walking, literally dragging her through the streets.

A man runs after them, begging them to let her go. In his arms is a toddler, screaming for their mother. Someone moves and Zivata can no longer see. But she can hear the screams.

That was not the first time, nor the last, that I had witnessed such an occurrence. But it was one of the first times that I understood what was happening. The first time I processed and understood that the woman being taken away was never to be seen again. Every time this would happen, my mother would rush us home. It was only once I was older, around fifteen or so, that I discovered that the executions were in public up near the palace.

I keep falling down I keep on hitting the ground
I always get up now to see what's next

It was when I was around thirteen, the same year when I started training alongside my mother to be a seamstress, that my parents let me in on the secret that could possibly make them end up like those dragged from their homes to their deaths. Many of the books and texts that my father studied, the ones that I had grown up being told to say nothing about outside of the house, were banned because they were books on the history of other planets and other languages.

Naturally, I was scared when I found out. I had known for several years at that point what could happen to them if they were caught, but my curiosity was stronger than my fear. My father started to teach me the history of other planets, the history of the Federation, and Standard, the language spoken by many in the galaxy.

"The F-F-Fedtur-at-ion was f-found, was founded in-"

"Federation, Zivata."

She looked away from the text and toward her father. "Feturation."

He shook his head. "Very close. Fed-er-ation."

She watched him closely as he spoke, watching how he said the word that was giving her trouble. She had been learning history and languages from her father a little over a year now. She was able to mostly understand Standard when her father spoke it, but still had trouble reading and speaking it herself.

Zivata took a deep breath, looking back at the word in the text. "Fed-er-ation."

She looked at her father, who was grinning at her. He nodded.


Dad was proud whenever I learned to say another word. He never said it, but I could tell he was in the way he would grin at me. All this was in secrecy, of course. Since Atima and Ulta had come to the throne, Standard and anything to do with the Federation was forbidden.

Birds don't just fly They fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it wrong

I continued learning for another year. At the same time, I officially entered work beside my mother as a seamstress. But when I was fifteen, my secret education of history and language from my father came to an abrupt end. Someone in the hidden market where my father had purchased the text betrayed him. When I was fifteen, the guards came to our door. That was the day I learned that the executions of all those taken away by guards were public.

Zivata raced through the streets of Katirim, heading for the palace. She had returned home from picking up a delivery at the docks for her mother to find the door open and her parents gone. A neighbor had told her that they had been taken only minutes before Zivata had gotten home. The charge: being in possession of forbidden texts.

She reached the square just outside the palace in time to see her parents being led up onto an erected platform. She had seen it before, the few times she had come here, but never knew what it was for. She had been warned by her parents to stay away from the square whenever someone was taken. There was no noose for hanging or a weapon for beheading. The gathered crowd went silent as a guard stepped forward and read out the accusations against her parents.

"You have been found in possession of texts that were banned from this planet years ago. How do you plead?"

Zivata pushed her way through the crowd, trying to get to the stage. They couldn't....her parents. She needed them.

Her father raised his head, but it was her mother that spoke. "Guilty of wanting to learn more about the galaxy around us."

"Under the law of King Atima and Queen Ulta, the punishment for possessing these texts is death."


She tried to move closer, but someone held her back. Her scream attracted the attention of the guard. "Your daughter. Did she know of these texts?"

Her father looked toward her, then bowed his head. Her mother, tears in her eyes, shook her head. "She did not."

Her mother looked toward her. She was hiding the truth to save her life. Any empath in the crowd would realize that. But no guard was an empath. They were always shields and the occasional telekinetic. Never empaths. No empathy was wanted among the guards. And no empath in the crowd spoke up to reveal the truth.

The guard raised a hand. A loud snap echoed through the square and her mother's body dropped to the ground.

Zivata would have dropped to the ground herself, if not for the person holding her. Hold her back. Hold her up. It was as if all strength had left her limbs. All breath had left her lungs. Another snap and her father joined her mother.

Just like that, I lost both my parents. They died simply because they wanted to learn more about the universe around us. They died protecting me from joining them up on that platform.

After that, I was pretty much carried from the square by the one who had held me back. It was one of the women that worked with my mother, and someone I had seen giving the deliveries to my father. She had helped them with their work and had helped them again in saving my life. It was a long time before I thanked her for that.

No one ever did figure out who had betrayed my parents.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end And then I’ll start again

It took a long time for me to come back to myself, or rather, the self that emerged after my parent's death that somewhat resembled who I had been before. After their deaths, for a while, I felt nothing. Went through the motions. Eat, work, sleep. Wake up the next day and repeat.

I left the house I had shared with my parents and moved somewhere smaller. Too many memories and too many times I expected them to come walking through the door when of course they never would again. The only things I kept were a few mementos, a painting of my parents on their joining day, and inherited my mother's job. Thankfully all debts were settled when I moved.

This way of living, or rather just keeping alive, continued until I was seventeen. That was when things began to change. Not just for me, but for all of Trevia.

The resistance was not a new movement. It had started small back when she was still a child and had grown over the years. No one knew where they were, something that the king did not like.

Zivata did not know much about them, her parents only having been silent supporters of the movement, but she knew that you did not find them. They found you.

But one day, something changed. Their strikes became bigger. Bolder. Whispers began in the streets. Whispers that the king could not silence; one Kapori had survived.

Zivata was at work when she first heard the whispers among the other seamstresses that she worked with.

"Yes, apparently she was seen at the last raid on Bastia."

"Could it be? Could it really be Alesia?"

Zivata continued to work as she listened to her coworker's gossip, keeping her eyes on the fabric she was working with.

"She is the age that Alesia would have been. And from what I heard from my neighbor, you know him. The merchant always traveling down to Bastia."

"He saw her?"

"Yes. She was helping to lead the soldiers. And she was very powerful. Her telekinesis is strong."

Zivata heard a woman gasp. "Alesia was telekinetic."

"Yes. And this woman...from what I have heard, she could very well be strong enough to take on the king."

Zivata's hands stopped and she stared down at the fabric. Strong enough to take on the king. If she was Alesia, the throne was hers by blood. She could bring back peace to Trevia. No more killings in the square before the palace.

For the first time in two years, Zivata felt something. Hope.

The larger strikes by the resistance continued after that. They took down soldiers and supplies going to the soldiers from Bastia. The king retaliated of course. Executions in the square became more frequent. Anyone that was even suspected of being a member of the reistance or helping them somehow was killed. But those killings could not stop the hope that had started to spread across the planet.

The seed was planted and nothing Atima did could uproot it.

Though I’m on the lead I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

Over the next four years, the fighting continued. And still continues now. The resistance did suffer a setback last year, one of their leaders having been killed, but they ralled and still fight.

Now something else is happening. Something that could perhaps bring all the fighting to a close. Starfleet is coming to Trevia.

"Did you hear? The king reached out to Starfleet."

Zivata looked up at that. Her coworkers were near constant gossipers and most of the time she tuned them out while she worked, but this was the first conversation of theirs in years that had caught her her attention.

It was well known that the king and queen were against Starfleet and what the Federation stood for. They had massacred the Kapori family shortly after Starfleet had visited the planet, and their neighbor planet of Malmata, well before Zivata had been born.

It was one of the things she had learned about in the banned texts that her father had owned. The texts that had gotten him killed.

Why, after over twenty years of hatred of the Federation, would the king reach out to time? Whatever the reason, Zivata doubted that it was good.

It was after that conversation that an idea planted in my head. If Alesia took back the throne and Starfleet is still here when that happens, I might ask if I can go with them. Go to the Academy I remember being mentioned in the texts. Join them. See the universe. Explore. Help other planets find peace, something that has not been on this planet for many years.

Get away from the spirits of all those that have died for not agreeing with the king.

zivata d. korvali
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