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USS Enterprise
FORECAST: common spaces are kept at a mild temperature
set in february, 2259

into darkness has begun!
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time lady
cat lady in training
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: pacific
AGE: 27

the plot
It has been two month since Nero’s attack, two months since the young crew of the Enterprise stopped Earth from being destroyed in the same manner as Vulcan. The crew that had returned home from the ordeal has healed physically from the attack, but the emotional scars still remain and will take a lot longer to heal. Not only has Vulcan been destroyed and its six billon inhabitants killed in a matter of minutes, Starfleet lost ten ships in the attack. Ten ships being manned by the upper classman of the Academy. Over two thousand students in their final years of training died in the attack on Vulcan and no one was left unaffected by this. All felt the loss of so many. But time will heal these wounds and the newly graduated crew of the USS Enterprise will have plenty of time to do just that as they set off on their first official five year mission. The youngest crew in Starfleet history will make history. They will go where no one has gone before, beyond everything that is known.
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