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happy 5th birthday tiab!
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Now this is the first rule for a reason. This is an intermediate literacy level site, which means proper grammar and only a few little spelling mistakes. A few are understandable, because typos happen or you have a word program that likes to switch things up now and then (which is really annoying). Abbreviations of words like ‘u’ and ‘r’ will not be accepted. It’s a three letter word, you don’t need to abbreviate a three letter word. Also, we are a no word count site, but that doesn't mean one-liners everywhere. If you are threading with someone and they give you 800 words, don't reply with only 100. Try to match the person you are threading with.

This is a big no-no. No one likes it when someone else controls our characters. They are our characters, so don’t control the other person’s character. Now there are exceptions to this rule. You have to ask the person who plays the other character if you can god mod them for specific reasons and will only be accepted if they say yes. If they do say yes, make a little note of it in the post. If they don’t, well obviously don’t do it. Also, please make sure that you speak with a member via their plot page or PM before thinking of tagging them into a thread.

When registering for you character, remember to use FIRST MIDDLE LAST name in all UPPERCASE. While there are plenty of canons to choose from, original characters are accepted as well. Oh, and please, no Mary-sues or Gary stus. Give your character flaws, make them seem real. Perfect people are boring and playing up someone’s flaws can be fun. So don’t make them perfect.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me. Show the staff here some respect. We are only here to help and have fun. Ask a question nicely and we will be happy to help you out. Be rude or argue with us and we will not be happy campers. Dealing with rude and argumentative members is not only annoying, but hard on us as well.

Please do not bully other members through pm or in the c-box. It is just not nice and if you are found to be doing so, you will be warned. If you do it again after the warning, say adios amigos. Bullying will not be tolerated here, ‘nuff said.

To Infinity and Beyond is rated pg-13. Cussing, sex, all that jazz is allowed, just for threads with sexual situations, stick a little note in the title that will let people know it's mature. Otherwise, have fun!

We understand that and things come up, but at least let us know somehow. Post an absence notice, send a PM to one of us on the staff team, just let us know. If your account goes inactive, simply PM a staff member for them to reactivate your account and redo your claims. If you go inactive three times, the account will be deleted.
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