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USS Enterprise
FORECAST: common spaces are kept at a mild temperature
set in february, 2259

into darkness has begun!
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time lady
cat lady in training
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: pacific
AGE: 27

Advanced Botany Instructor -
Intermediate Botany Instructor -
Beginning Botany Instructor -
Advanced Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor -
Intermediate Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor -
Beginning Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor -
Advanced Phonology Instructor -
Phonology Instructor -
Advanced Subspace Geometry Instructor -
Subspace Geometry Instructor -
Anatomical & Forensic Pathology Instructor -
Ancient Philosophies Instructor -
Anthropology Instructor -
Archaeology Instructor -
Astrotheory 101 Instructor -
Astrophysics Instructor -
Astrosciences Instructor -
Basic Warp Design Instructor -
Biochemistry Instructor -
Creative Writing Instructor -
Early Starfleet History Instructor -
Exobiology Instructor -
Xenobiology Instructor -
Exochemistry Instructor -
Forensic Psychology Instructor -
Earth History Instructor -
Interspecies Ethics Instructor -
Interspecies Protocol Instructor -
Intrasystem Peacekeeping Operations Instructor -
Klingon Physiology Instructor -
Medicine Instructor -
Organic Chemistry Instructor -
Quantum Chemistry Instructor -
Robotics Instructor -
Statistical Mechanics Instructor -
Stellar Cartography Instructor -
Survival Strategies Instructor -
Tactical Analysis Instructor - CHRISTOPHER PIKE
Temporal Mechanics Instructor -
Turn-Of-The-Millennium Technology Instructor -
Transporter Theory Instructor -
Xenolinguistics Instructor -
Emergency Medical Course Instructor -
Engineering Extension Course Instructor -
Advanced Tactical Training Instructor -
Applied Physics Instructor - CAROL MARCUS
Advanced Acoustical Engineering Instructor -
Intermediate Acoustical Engineering Instructor -
Beginning Acoustical Engineering Instructor -
First Year Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
Second Year Students -
Leonidas Argent
Character First Last
Third Year Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
Fourth Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
Graduate Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
Starfleet Medical Academy Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
Starfleet Command School Students -
Character First Last
Character First Last
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